Wipes Low Box

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The 650 ml wipes box makes everyday life easier for parents by perfectly preserving the moisture of the wipes!

The highlights of the Tupperware wipes box:
- The flap allows easy access to the wipes and closes the box so that the wipes do not dry out.
- The lid is fully removable to easily recharge the box.
- The size of the Wipes Box is standard. You can use it with all brands of wipes (baby wipes, for the home ...).
- Fully removable for easy cleaning.

The 650 ml wipe box is ideal for storing and storing your wipe packs:
- Household wipes in the kitchen or elsewhere.
- Baby wipes.
- Makeup remover wipes in the bathroom.
- Disinfectant wipes for entry.

The Wipes Box also makes it easy to take your wipes on a trip or in baby's changing bag.

Dimensions: 22.6 x 15 x 3.9 cm H