About Us

CV Apollo, was previously based in South East Asia, where we supplied Crafts and Furniture from local suppliers for export around the world, before re-locating to Kettering, Northamptonshire.

In 2012 we decided to diversify, after discovering the continued success of Tupperware in Asia, where we had previously been based.

By joining Tupperware consultant groups in both Malaysia and Indonesia, we were able to offer an extensive range of items to these rapidly growing markets.

On returning to the UK, we have been able to build on this network and experience to expand our range still further and now offer Tupperware from around the world.

CV Apollo UK now operates two web sites to accommodate the two distinct markets in which we operate, Home gifts garden supplying ornaments and gifts and TUPPERWARE WORLD, dedicated to the supply of genuine Tupperware branded items.


CV Apollo UK
Edward Close

NN15 6HA


TEL : 01536-390127