Ultra Pro Round 2.5L

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  • The only rigid plastic for foods which withstands temperatures of -25°C/-15°F to +230°C/+445°F:
  • Compatible with freezers, refrigerators, microwaves and traditional ovens.
  • Rounded seal and casserole: makes cooking more regular, even in microwaves; heat is spread evenly inside the container.
  • Automatic steam control: the handles and the seal have been designed to eject excess steam or to retain humidity inside the container to avoid soaking or drying out the foods.
  • Good heat retention: “an oven inside an oven” food is browned but is not dried out.
  • A nice solution for microwave defrosting.
  • Saves time, energy and storage space.
Capacity :
Base - 2L

Dimension :
Base :  diameter 25 cm x 11.8cm H
Cover : diameter 25 cm x 4cm H