Seal Brush

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If you like to take care of your Tupperware products, you'll love our specially designed brush!

It's now easier than ever to keep your everything clean every day with this custom brush with soft but sturdy bristles.

The head of the single-angle tumbling brush scrubs all hard-to-reach parts with a normal brush or sponge, such as blender blades or all types of grooves.

These brushes make great gifts for anyone traveling with a personal bottle or container.

Buy more to leave at work, at home and in your gym bag. When you think you need to disinfect your brush, simply throw it in your dishwasher.

- The soft but sturdy bristles and single-angled head clean every nook and cranny of your containers, cups and joints.
- The hairs are effective for cleaning without scratching surfaces.
- Ergonomic handles and thumb rest ensure a better grip.
- The tilted head helps clean hard-to-reach areas such as corners, cracks, crevices and edges.
- The extra bristles on the front of the joint brush can run along the edge of the seal, bowl or container for maximum cleaning.
- It can also be used to clean the grout of the tub, shower or floor, corners and edges of countertops, drawers or cabinets.

Dimensions: L 24.3 x 2.2 cm