One Touch Canister Summer Design

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These storage containers are not only to serve and store a variety of snacks, but they also have a function to maintain the quality of food and give a beautiful impression on the presentation.

The elegant gold colour Mosaic Canister Set come with excellent features, including:

  • One touch seal that makes it easy to close, by pressing once with elbows or fingers in the centre of the seal.
  • With elegant and luxurious gold colours and mosaic motifs on the base add to your beautiful snack storage container.
  • Air tight seal, so keeping the crispy food more durable.
  • This product can be stored nesting, thus saving storage space when not in use.
  • Stackable storage mode (stacked), so save space. 


Capacity 1,2L / Ø: 12,8cm; t: 15,5cm



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