Heat N Serve Round 1.5L

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Multifunctional a single product for transporting, reheating and serving food
• Material which withstands temperatures from -25°C/15°F to +160°C/320°F: can be used for reheating and freezing.
• Transparent material: to identify the content and to use it on the table.
• Autonomous silicone valve: it lifts (invisible to the naked eye) during reheating to allow steam to escape and closes when used to preserve foods.
• Round airtight seal: compatible with transport.
• Concave seal and bottom: to avoid mixing during reheating. This makes reheating food quicker.
• Large ear-shaped handles: makes handling easier; they stay cold after reheating.
• Textured bottom on the interior to avoid scratching.
• Sizes are adapted to the volume and shape of foods.
Rectangle 600ml
Size : 19.4 x 14.7 x 5.4 cm H
Weight : 225 grams
Round 700ml
Size 23.5 cm Ø x 8 cm H
Weight : 325 grams
Round 1.5L
Size 23.5 cm Ø x 11.5 cm H
Weight : 400 grams
CrystalPlus Divided
Weight : 325 grams