Deco Canister - Purple

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Storage snacks at home is a thing to be considered, because at a relaxed time with the family would be more fun if eating a favourite snack together. For that, crisp snack must be maintained. Answering these needs Tupperware presents Deco Canister, a food storage container with a beautiful and modern look. 
In addition, this container also has excellent innovative features:
1. Airtight, so as to maintain the quality of food in it.
2. There is a tab on the lid, so it is easy to open.
3. Stackable, so it can be stacked and save space.
4. It has a one touch seal close system, making it easy for you to close. Just press once using the thumb, or the tip of the elbows.

Available in 2 sizes: 

Capacity 2L - Dimension 20.8cm diameter ×8.4 cm H

Capacity 4.1L - Dimension 20.8cm diameter×15.9 cm H