Classic Pitcher

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This Pitcher has a seal type 'push button seal' that tightly holds air in and out of the container. Although this seal is not a Classic Round Seal type, but in full capacity condition, if the product is in seal condition closes tightly and the container is tilted 90 degrees, the water will not spill, but a little seepage of water will appear from its seal.
The shape and size of the handle / handle is great giving ease to hold, carry and pour its contents.
Close the Picher tightly, prevent spilled drinks. Precise funnel makes it easy to pour drinks and pitcher funnel upward so that pouring is finished, the rest of the water drops back into the pitcher so that it does not pollute the pitcher.

Textured base surface so it is not easily scratched and also not slippery.
Fresh and harmonious colours to complement your Collection.
In addition to serving drinks, the pitcher can also be used to store cold drinks in the refrigerator.

How to use :
To pour the contents, press the button while lifting the seals up to the top of the water funnel, then release the button and the water is ready for pouring. To close the seals, press the button with your thumb while inserting the seal to the border of the container, then release the button.


Capacity 2L - Dimension : 13.9 cm D x 22.2 cm H

Capacity 1L - Dimension : 10.8 cm D x 20 cm H