Imagine a life that gives you more buying power and freedom ...


 Becoming a Consultant

By becoming Consultant, you organize your schedule as you wish. You work in a relaxed environment with acknowledgment, freedom, gifts and income ... while having fun.


No CV! No degree is necessary to begin your Tupperware adventure. Your motivation and your determination are your best assets for success.

You work at your pace and you adapt your business to suit your family life or even another job!

Tupperware is also the possibility to move freely, build your own team and have responsibilities.

You start with no initial investment: no need to stock or buy products because everything is provided to make your first party


You host parties. You listen to customer needs and guide them in their choices. You track orders and provide after sales service. You offer others the opportunity to do the same job as you do.

Using Tupperware products makes economic sense when you’re preparing home cooked meals from the most wholesome ingredients and with the least amount of waste.

If you’d like to learn more about your new career with Tupperware, send me a message.                                  .

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