T/C Serving Dish 2L & Tongs

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The dishes consist of flat transparent containers decorated with material that separate matte lower and transparent upper parts, and lids, which allow for a long time to preserve the freshness of the products.

The product is very comfortable to hold in hands due to the fact that the lower part of the container is pleasantly velvety to the touch. This is done not only for beauty, but also for convenience: after all, thanks to this treatment of the lower part of the container, it can be taken even with wet hands, without fear of dropping.

The material from which the dishes and lids are made allows them to be washed in a dishwasher. However, it is recommended that the products be washed by hand and wiped with a soft towel.

In Pearl Oyster colour.

Dimension : 30.8 cm diameter x 5.5 cm H