T.C. Oval Serving Dish 4L

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To serve and cook a wide variety of dishes!
• 4L vegetable dish consists of a 4L capacity container, a strainer complete with movable partition and a lid that can be transformed into an elegant serving dish.
• The lid rests perfectly with the base container, with or without the strainer inside. Turned upside down you can use it for table service turning the basic container into a practical lid.
• The three components have the same shape as the handles to ensure a secure grip.
• The mobile partition allows you to present different foods at the same time.
With 4L Vegetable dish it will be a bit like having an extra stove, without smells, steam and without having to control the cooking.
• With 4L vegetable dish, you "bake" according to an unusual and original system, saving time and bringing the same container to the table.
• 4L vegetable dish is ideal for camping or when there are different times in the family, thanks to the possibility of "cooking" pasta, fish or vegetables in the particular Tupperware style

Dimensions 32.5 x 22 x 11 cm H