Spinning Chef

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Effortless spinning and compact storage

• Soft, airtight and sealed lid to store and transport your salad.
• Lid consisting of 2 rotating discs (inner and top) whose orifice allows to empty the water without removing the lid.
It is easily removable for easy cleaning.
• Translucent bowl, generous volume (3.9 l), convenient to wash his salad.
• Strainer: the number and size of the holes allow optimal spinning and prevent salad leaves from "escaping".
Thanks to its 3 feet it can serve as a drainer for cold food (thawing ...).
• Non-slip disc for good stability.

The Jumbo Salad on the go Cover fits on the Spinning Chef to keep your salads and take them away. With Dressing Container of 120 ml for your sauces and Serving Tongs..

Dimensions: Ø 22.8 x 17.8 cm H
Capacity: 3.9 L