Round Stack Canister 2L

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Round Stack Canister
  • Round shape to keep cooked foods inside the fridge
  • Base nests inside the rim of the Square round seals for added flexibility of the container when storing in the fridge or pantry. Rim around the seal allows compact, modular stacking
  • Prominent tab to open easily
  • Feel confident traveling to the family picnic, the office or when sending your child to school with the Rounds; sauces and foods will not leak from these liquid tight containers


Cubix Square

These Tupperware Cubix are very useful to store and carry for those small, and important things in life.

However, these Cubix is a modular, stackable, and also space-saving containers.

Tab on the seal is useful for easy opening. Containers nest into each other for easy storage. Use to keep fresh or leftover food and even dry food items.

Capacity 650ml - 12.6 x 12.6 x 6.7 cm H 


They can be purchased separately 


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