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Molding Tower

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Suitable for fridge and freezer.

Bases are stacked for minimum space in the freezer and refrigerator as they slip easily into the refrigerator door.
Allows you to prepare your presentations in advance.
Not suitable for hot preparations.
Not suitable for the microwave oven.

The Moulding Towers will include:
soft lids
Pushers to easily unmount each Moulding Tower) (1 Moulding Tower = 1 Base + 1 Pusher)
bases of 125 ml each with filling mark. .

1 Base: 125 ml: 7.7 cm ø x 5 cm H
Set Moulding Tower (3 Bases + 3 Pushers + 1 Lid): 8 cm ø x 13.8 cm H