Marinade Set

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This is the ultimate marinating products
The set comprises 3 items.
1. The Click N Shake is one of the core products of your barbecuing parties, but not only that, preparing marinades or breading fish or meat has never been made so easy.
This product is not suitable for
freezer, microwave or oven.

Please use the soft side to maintain the beauty of your product for a long time!
Always keep Tupperware separate from its lid while it is not being used, thereby keeping it from smelling.

Dimension : 31 cm x 20 cm x 7.5 cm H

2. EZ Shaker 350 ml
It mixes everything uo, for uick shaking and mixing sauces, doughs, dressings, drinks and much much.
The clever construction of the lid ensures that even after shaking nothing goes wrong, but drops back into the container.
Capacity 350ml
Dimension : 9.9 x 11.1 x 17.4 cm H

3. Cooks Maid
   A 7 functions grouped in a compact set of 5 elements.
   1 lid, 1 pitcher 200ml and 3 accessories (egg separator, juicer and zester)
   Ideal for preparing your citrus juices, for recipes, cocktails etc.
   Separate the egg yolk in no time for your pastries
   Compact storage.