Microfiber Dish Dry Towel

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Set of 2 Microfiber Dish Dry Towel
Clean intelligently

• Microfibre is one of the softer man-made fabrics available today. Its structure is 2 times thinner than silk, 3 times more than cotton, 8 times more than wool, 100 times thinner than a hair.
• Microfibre cloths are hypoallergenic, which means they do not cause allergies. You can use it dry and without chemical detergent because the microfiber has a natural static charge, which attracts and retains dust like a magnet: a great advantage for the environment too!
• A microfibre cloth can capture up to 99% of bacteria on many surfaces. Microfibre cloths do not slip and guarantee perfect polishing on every surface.

Dimensions : 63 x 40 cm