Large Canister 8.4L

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Having a stash of snacks at home is mandatory, because in a relaxing time with family it will be more fun if you eat favourite snacks together. In order for snacks to remain delicious, of course, they must be stored in containers that are not only for storing food, but also function to maintain its quality.


This container also has innovative excellent features, namely:

  1. It has a 'classic round seal' type seal that tightly holds air in and out of the container, so that the food it stores can be longer crispy and fresh.

  2. There is rim around the container, easy to carry or move.

  3. The texture on the outer base is rough so it is not easily scratched. While the inside is slippery so it is easy to clean.

  4. This container can be nested with other Canister size products so that it is practical and can save space when stored.


Capacity : 8.4 L
Dimension : diameter: 25.2 cm ; H: 27.2 cm