Insulated Multi Server & 1L Condiserve

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Maintain temperature on the table for 1 hour 30 min

• Good insulation: double-walled dishes and covers. • Safe handling: the dishes clip together and the 2 walls of the cover fit together. • Thick and unbreakable material. • Dual position cover: closed it keeps in the heat, open it enables holding serving spoon inside the dish. • Spacious and elegant handles, easy to hold.
• Fine-textured material to avoid scratches and withstand daily use. • Possible to separate the 2 dishes and thus create 2 serving bowls. • Airtight seal for the outer dish. • Microwave safe as well: maximum 120°c/245°F and 500 watts in microwave

• The CondiServe bottles have an innovative integrated spout which avoids dripping and vent holes for smooth pouring.
• Due to a spill proof cap with a silicon gasket, there is no more liquid coming out from the spout when the CondiServe bottles fall down accidently.
• A one hand opening seal makes it easy to open and close the CondiServe bottles while in use.