Carry All Bowl

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Now bring saucy food on a more confident holiday with the Carry All Bowl. This container contained 3 bowls that can bring a variety of favourite foods at once. The holidays are even more memorable and fun with the practicality of the Carry All Bowl.

Carry All Bowl Features:
Equipped with a flexible carolier to carry bowl easily.
There is a valve to warm the food in this container using a microwave.
Air tight seal and tight liquid so the food in it is maintained and not spilled on the way.
There is a tab on the seal for easy opening. While the tab on the base is enabled to put the bowl on the carolier or as a handle.
Not only for traveling, bowl can also be used as a container to warm food because it is microwaveable. The provisions in the Carry All Bowl are easily heated and remain safe in temperatures between 0° to 140°C.

How to use:
Before warming up in the microwave, open the seal on the Carry All Bowl seal.

The set comprises:
2 pcs Bowl with capacity 1L each, dimension : 21 cm diameter x 6.4cm H
1 pc Bowl with capacity 2L, dimension : 21 cm diameter x 11.7cm H