Breadsmart Large

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  • The base has been specially designed to easily accommodate a variety of breads; provides a generous space to be able to store 1 large bread or 2 to 3 smaller breads, you'll be able to easily store and reach for them at your convenience. The shape routes the air circulation towards the CondensControl rim, creating the optimal environment for bread preservation.
  • The CondensControl foil location has been carefully thought-out to perfectly snap with the base for optimal air circulation through the foil. The inner wall of the rim prevents breadcrumbs from going to the foil ensuring that the foil isn't blocked or damaged
  • The cover can also be used as a tray to transport the bread along with all sorts of additions like jam, butter, napkins, etc. Has 4 anti-skid feet to make it very stable when manipulating it. Has a gutter that collects the breadcrumbs and keeps the cutting board in place while cutting or during storage. Cover can’t be used as a cutting board.
  • The BreadSmart II can be placed on your countertop or hidden in the drawer. If you are placing the BreadSmart II next to a wall, remember not to do it on the short sides since the CondensControl on the perforated areas need open space (at least 5cm away from the wall) to allow the air to flow.
  • Wipe out all crumbs regularly to avoid the growth of mould inside the BreadSmart II. In order to clean your BreadSmart II, it is important to disassemble it.
  • If you leave bread inside your BreadSmart II for several days or weeks, it is possible that you find mould in it. In this case you should disassemble and clean thoroughly your BreadSmart II in the dishwasher before storing fresh bread again
  • Breadsmart II Cutting Board
    Thanks to the recessed area underneath, you can store it on top of the cover or inside the BreadSmart II, since it also fits on the ribs in the base.
    It has 4 anti-skid feet to make it very stable when manipulating
Breadsmart dimension : 15.9cm(H) x 27cm (W) x 37.9cm