Serving Bowl

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Transparent and elegant bowls.

The cover can be used as a lid, base and also a snack container.

These are made from Polycarbonates that is not easily cracked or broken and does not leave stains. This material also produces a transparent base so that it can display an elegant product impression.
Safe to warm food / drinks in the microwave. The edge of this product base curves out, making it easier for users to lift or move containers.
The inside of this base is not textured so that food stains will not stick and easy to clean.
Perfect to complete your collection of food containers.

Containers can be used to make cookie doughs such as donuts, pastries, and other cakes. In addition to being a base, it can also be used separately as a cake plate.

Caring Tips:
Use a soft sponge while washing.


Serving Bowl 6L – dimension : 32.5 cm diameter x 14.5 cm H

Serving Bowl 3.5L – dimension : 26.1 cm diameter x 12.4 cm H

Serving Dish Low 2L – dimension : 31.5 cm diameter x 6 cm H