MicroCook Pitcher Jug Set

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The MicroCook jug set is a handy product to heat liquids, sauces and soups in the microwave. In addition, it is perfect for melting butter or chocolate in the microwave.

The set consists of two different sizes. Both can be used either individually or in combination.

If you use the products in combination, the microwave always stays nicely clean, because the small jug is placed upside down on the larger jug then used as a lid.

The jugs are part of our existing MicroCook series. The material is just as robust and can be used in many ways, in the microwave, in the fridge and for serving at the table.

Each of the two jugs also has integrated scales in ml for quick and easy measuring or measuring.

Particularly practical: the small jug also has different sized circular markings in the ground, which make measuring 2, 1.5 or 1 tbsp easily possible.

And when the jugs are not in use, they can be placed in each other in a space-saving way and stored.

MicroCook Small Jug : L 15.2 × B 8.8 × H 5.9 cm
MicroCook Large jug : L 24.0 × B 9.9 × H 17.4 cm