Microfiber Towel Glass and Window

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Set of 2 Microfibre Towel Glass and Window
Clean intelligently

Microfibre is one of the softer man-made fabrics available today. The Microfibre cloth is hypoallergenic and can be used dry and without chemical detergent because the Microfiber has a natural static charge, and as a magnet attracts and retains dust: a great advantage for the environment too!
A Microfibre cloth can capture up to 99% of the bacteria present on many surfaces. Moisten, wring, clean: these are the three simple directions to use the Microfiber Panni Tupperware. To dust, it is not necessary to spray any detergent on shelves or furniture. To dry, clean or dust it is advisable to use the Microfibre cloths in one direction only: the electrostatic force of the microfibres will trap the dirt inside them.
Honeycomb processing, absorbs liquids up to 7 times its weight.
Use on dry / wet windows / windows.

Dimensions : 40 x 40 cm