Ventsmart 1.8L Small High

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Revolutionary containers to preserve fruits and vegetables and prolong their life.
Ventilation system with a valve directly integrated in the lid:
- Adapted to the shape of the box.
- Allows to adapt the air requirements of different fruits and vegetables, thanks to the 3 positions of the valve (open, semi-open and closed).

An integrated marking on each base explains the air requirements of the fruits and vegetables to always have the recommendations at hand.
The raised base allows air circulation between the containers when stacked.
All Ventsmarts are adjustable between them:
- Bases stack in a stable way to save space in the refrigerator.
- They fit together for compact storage in the closet.
Easy cleaning thanks to the stairway grooves.


Capacity 1.8L

Dimension : 19 x 14 x 13.5cm H