Eco Bottle Citrus Infuser Bottle 700ml (O20)

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Flavour, scent and savour your drinks anywhere!

  1. Base
    Ergonomic for a good grip
    Diameters of openings of different sizes for assembling parts without error
    Lugs to correctly place the juicer
    Maximum filling line
    Transparent to see the remaining drink level
  2. Wrist strap for hanging or hanging
  3. Sport cap
    Double closing system
    Airtight and liquid tight valve
    Tongue for easy opening
    Flat surface of the lid to turn the gourd and squeeze citrus
  4. Silicone seals for perfect sealing
  5. Citrus juicer
    To extract the juice of citrus fruits
    Lugs to position it correctly on the bottle
  6. Tank
    To infuse fruits, leaves or tea
    Ribs for a good grip

Dimensions: Ø 9.5 - 24 cm H